Aloha in Action

Kokua literally translates to "aloha in action"—not just “aloha” meaning hello, but aloha meaning love. The feel and flow of our brand stems from a desire for inclusiveness and treating everyone with a sense of kindness and belonging. It’s about family and a heart for others. As a result, we pour love into every one of our products.


Kokua provides the cool, basic essentials for the everyday traveler. Let us outfit you for your next adventure, whether down the beach or around the globe.


Our mission at Kokua is to spread aloha—a love that unifies us and guides our actions towards others wherever life takes us. The more we share it, the more it multiplies. Come, won’t you join us?


At Kokua, we’re about outfitting you for the journey. Local or abroad. Beach, mountain or trail. We fuel your adventure and independence. That desire to get up, go, and be with nature. We dress you to feel alive . . . and revived.