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Spreading Kokua to the Main Land

Spreading Kokua to the Main Land

Many people are unfamiliar with the Hawaiian word “kokua”. While the word itself essentially means to help, pitch in, or otherwise come together to give assistance, many have come to refer to the word as “aloha in action”. Here at Kokua Trading Company, we like to think of kokua as the embodiment of generosity, hospitality, and service.

These four words are at the core of what we do here, and who we are as a company.


We truly believe in giving back. That is why a portion of all of the items we sell go directly to a charity in Hawaii that teaches kids how to care for the Ocean, Nā Kama Kai. We are passionate about teaching kids how they can come together to take better care of our Oceans and the surrounding environment.


The hospitality our founder Bob felt when he came to Hawaii is something he hopes to spread worldwide. His mission is that when people see Kokua gear they will be reminded to be a little more friendly to those around them, and show one another the amazing hospitality that is found on the Hawaiian islands.


When you forget about yourself, and work to help others, your life is immensely impacted. If everyone gave a little of themselves each day to help improve someone else’s day, the world would be a very different place. Even small random acts of kindness can help in powerful ways.


What all of these words really boil down to is love. Kokua Trading hopes to spread the same love that is felt in Hawaii throughout the world by introducing more generosity, hospitality and service to all of those we share this planet with.